Getting Started

The first step is simply to arrange a convenient, no obligation conversation.

Whether you are seeking to get unstuck, unlock your hearts desires,  uncover your true potential and or live more authentically, coaching may be able to help. It may be that you seek greater harmony at work, or have climbed a career ladder only to find it is up against the wrong wall. Perhaps you are contemplating a difficult decision and would like to explore it in a safe and supportive environment. Whatever your situation – the first step is to make contact and we will arrange a convenient time to explore how coaching might help.

The purpose of that call is simply to make an enquiry and allow you an opportunity to check out the coach. The coach will give you an honest view of whether or not they think coaching might be right for you at this time. Depending on the conversation, they may also refer you to someone they feel is better suited for your circumstances.

If you both agree to a coaching appointment, you settle on a date and time. There is no commitment to further sessions – just the one to get started.

Our face to face coaching takes place via Skype or at a location convenient to you. For an appointment, please call 02 9955 8488 or use the Contact form.

Telephone coaching can be as effective as face to face, sometimes even more effective as it is very focussed. Saving you travelling time, it also allows for more flexible appointment times. We have clients from a number of Australian states using telephone coaching.

The first step in determining the best approach for your situation is to make contact.