Our Workshops

In addition to individual coaching, we also offer workshops for small groups. Many people find the encouragement and support provided by a group to be invaluable to their ongoing development or achievement of important goals.

Current workshops


Vision Boards provide an anchor and visual reminder of what is important to us at a deep level. If you have always wanted to create a Vision Board but haven’t known how, consider joining us at a Visioning workshop to begin bringing our dreams and goals to life.

Seasonal check-ins

Many cultures believe that there are natural rhythms and cycles to life. Using the seasons as a framework, these one-day, seasonal check-ins provide an opportunity to revisit our dreams, goals and plans to see how how we’re tracking.

Where To Now

You may have a sense that there is more to life than the way you are currently living or that you’ve arrived at your destination only to discover it’s not what you want. The Where To Now? workshop is about equipping you with techniques, tools and experiences to proactively write, direct and star in the next phase of your life.

Co-create a special workshop for your community

Perhaps you have a group of special friends and you’d like to spend a day or half day together in community. Activities might include – creating discovery journals, a shared vision board, joint planning of an event, sharing wisdom or something completely different. It might be to celebrate an impending birth, wedding or a special anniversary – something that connects you. Please call Debra to explore how we can design a unique, soulful and beautiful event together.

Not sure which workshop?

We’re happy to discuss your situation to see if the workshops might be suitable. There’s no charge or obligation, simply call or use the contact form to get in touch.