Seasons Workshops

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The practical purpose of each seasonal soul check-in – Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer, is to strengthen ourselves so that we design and create a life that is authentic and aligned with soul.

Each seasonal soul day also provides a check-in as we move through the rhythms of the year – it’s an opportunity to revisit those plans, New Year’s resolutions or our intentions for life and see how we’re tracking. By coming together in soulful community, we can be supported on our journey.

The higher purpose of each of these four seasonal 1-day soulspaces is to:

  • reconnect us to the Earth and ourselves
  • consider our lives holistically and in the context of seasonal cycles
  • celebrate and receive the gifts that each season offers us
  • infuse our individual lives with meaning, awareness, and the capability to co-create visionary, passionate lives.

Why base workshops on the seasons?

Many cultures have practices that follow or mark the seasons. These can be spiritual, business related or domestic. Examples include harvest rituals or spring cleaning. Whilst it varies from culture to culture, we have adopted the seasons approach as it provides an holistic view whilst still allowing for focus. The series represents the Whole and the four seasons correspond to:

  • four elements – earth, water, air, fire
  • four levels of our being –  physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual
  • four directions – South, West, North, and East

These basic and ancient rhythms serve as a robust modern-day guide for navigating our way through the life processes and attending to aspects of our being.

Do I need to attend all workshops?

Each Seasons Workshop is discrete – they may be attended as one-off experiences or you can use each one as a touchstone as you journey through the year.


For more information, or to check the fit of the workshop(s) for you, call Debra on 02 9955 8488 or use the contact form as I’m happy to chat with you, there’s no obligation.