Visioning Workshop

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

If you have always wanted to create a Vision Board but haven’t known how, or you’d like to refresh and existing Vision Board, the Visioning Workshop is a good place to begin. Vision Boards provide an anchor and visual reminder of what is important to us and our desired direction – they help bring our dreams and goals to life. The challenge can be tapping into our true priorities.

In this small group workshop, you’ll connect with what is most important for you. Bringing that to life via a personal vision board is made easier in our creative and supportive environment. We examine potential obstacles and consider the context of your life at present, that way you’ll develop a plan to help you move in the direction of your true North.

If you are tempted but unsure, please don’t hesitate to contact Debra – there is no hard sell simply a genuine offer to help you determine if this workshop is for you.

Our day will be fun, creative, interesting and rewarding. You will leaved feeling refreshed, hopeful and with a map – at least of the first few steps.

What does it cost?

$110 (incl GST) and this includes materials. Bring a friend and both of you receive 10% discount – that’s $99 each.

PayPal, money order, bank cheque or direct debit options are available and details will be provided on registration.

Questions and Enrolment?

Questions are very welcome, simply call Debra on 02 9955 8488. To register, email your name and contact details to

About your workshop leader

Debra Currie is an experienced workshop leader with over 20 years in consulting, adult education and management. She is degree qualified in Human Resource Development and has a diploma in Transpersonal Life Coaching. Debra is passionate about people and the power of community and personal development as keys to living authentically.