Where To Now?

“…but where to now?”

Why this workshop?

As we move towards a new direction, a new phase, there’s a natural calling to take stock. You may have a sense that there is more to life than the way you are currently living or that you’ve arrived at your destination only to discover it’s not what you want.

This workshop is about equipping you with techniques, tools and experiences to proactively write, direct and star in the next phase of your life.

What you’ll experience

Over two separate days, this program has at its heart a belief that a safe and collegiate atmosphere allows access to our innate gifts and intuition. Working in a small group provides support and fresh perspectives. We believe it’s people who make workshops great and that’s why we keep the numbers between 6 and 12.

On Day 1, `Discovery and Planning’ you’ll learn methodical, practical and inspiring ways to get back into the driver’s seat. `Doing and experiencing’ is your practice opportunity – yes, homework – to apply the Day 1 skills in your world. These activities are designed to ensure you get the most from your investment.

On Day 2 `Reviewing /Adjusting/Affirming’, we’ll check progress, tackle any challenges, expand and further embed the learning.

About your facilitator

Debra Currie is an experienced facilitator with over 20 years in consulting, adult education and management. She is degree qualified in Human Resource Development and has a diploma in Transpersonal Life Coaching. Debra is committed to ongoing professional development and is a member of AIM, AITD and ICFA.

What does it cost?

$198 total investment for the entire workshop. This includes all materials.

A Discount is available – bring a friend and both of you receive 15% discount.

How Do I Pay?

PayPal, money order, bank cheque or direct debit options are available and details will be provided on registration.

Questions and Enrolment?

Questions are very welcome, simply call Debra on 02 9955 8488. To register for the program, email Debra at internoscoaching@bigpond.com.